A particular natural mystic fusion

Duration: 14 Days / 13 Nights


Day 1: City Tour – Chacaltaya – Moon Valley

Pick up and transfer from the airport to the chosen hotel.

You will be picked up from your hotel in private transport and then we will go to the mountain of “Chacaltaya” that is located approximately to 1 hour and 20 minutes from La Paz city. This tour will take us to visit the former track world\'s highest sky. We will be to 5360 m.a.s.l. approximately, from this point we will appreciate spectacular views of the La Paz city, the Bolivian Altiplano and Cordillera Real.


After that we will rest and have the service of box lunch. We will come back to La Paz city where we will visit the ancient part of the city and the Main Square: Murrillo Square, here you will be able to observe the Government Palace, Parliament Palace and the Cathedral of the city among its most important icons.

Later we will take a tour of the famous Sagarnaga known for being full of craft shops, such as those specializing in silver jewelry, clothing stores made of alpaca wool, llama wool, etc. In the vicinity of the place is also the market of Witch which offers all kinds of items for the ancient arts or the offerings to the Pachamama (Mother Earth). Continuing our tour we will visit the south of the city or residential area. This is considered a residential area where they recently opened new formal trade centers of the city. This route will take us to visit the very unique Moon Valley, which is characterized by peaks and trails formations very unusual result of erosion and wind. It is an area of outstanding beauty that provides one of the most unforgettable places on your tour of our city. Return to the hotel and free night.


Day 2: Bike Down To Coroico

Optional: Tour to Coroico Classic.

Breakfast at the hotel. We will leave very early in private transport to la “Cumbre”, where the guide will replenish the equipment concerned in addition to providing a safety briefing and instructions necessary to know how to handle this type of bike path. Then it began to descend slowly this first part that is paved road has gone about 2 hours. On the way we can observe and enjoy wonderful landscapes that began with beautiful views of snow-capped and high plateau stained by lush vegetation as we go down. We will first stop in Cotapata for refreshment then continues until you reach the town of Chuspipata where the asphalt will finish and we will start with the track. Interning at an unforgettable adventure to reach the town of Yolosa, where you take a break to take pictures and put up the equipment to the bus. For then continue the adventure up to Coroico where you can take a refreshing shower, enjoy the pool, enjoy a delicious lunch and then rest and return to the city of La Paz.

Arrival at the hotel. Free Night.


Day 3: Rurrenabaque

Breakfast at the hotel. We will leave very early to the airport for flight to the Rerrenabaque Town.

We will accommodate you at the chosen hotel. Free Night.


Day 4: Jungle Expedition

*This program can be replaced by Pampas *

Pick up from hotel to take us to the shores of the Beni River where we board the boat at the port of Rurrenabaque. We will have river transport for 40 minutes on the Beni River in the jungle to Eco-Lodge San Miguel del Bala and lodging in cabins typical but quite comfortable. Then walk along with the local guide through the rainforest to learn about ancient hunting techniques of Tacana. As a starting point, the guide explains how to hunt before with several traps for meat and skins of jaguars, pigs, monkeys, birds and tapirs. After that we will have lunch that is prepared with local ingredients by following a typical recipe.

A short nap provides energy for the afternoon program begins with a short walk to the community of San Miguel. Here, the guide explains about the daily life, crops, building techniques, religion, crafts, traditions and customs. The greatest experience is to prepare the cane juice into the mill.

If there is no energy to return to the Eco-Lodge on foot, you can go by boat. Back \"home\" a delicious dinner waiting to be relieved through the guide with interesting stories of the community and the forest.


Day 5:

The day begins with breakfast in the dining room surrounded by jungle and overlooking the River Beni. Then we will start an adventurous walk along a creek in the rainforest. The guide will explains about the flora and fauna present. After exactly 1000 meters you come to a natural pool full of the clear water that comes a very beautiful waterfall. Here there is time for a refreshing bath and a massage with the sharp drop of water in the back or feet. Return on foot and by boat to the Eco-Lodge where we will have lunch and then we will rest in the hammocks.
In the afternoon take a walk along a path with many medicinal plants that is known as \"San Miguel\'s Pharmacy\". The guide shares his knowledge of medicinal plants and how they can cure many diseases with natural medicine and a good relationship with Pachamama (Mother Earth). At night begins a new destination guided that will take them to visit the forest in the dark. Eco-Lodge can provide flashlights to better see all the animals that are the most active at night, such as night monkeys.


Day 6:

We will see the first rays of the sun having breakfast before going through the rivers Beni and Tuichi and then we will go to the famous mountains of Bala and Caquihuara inside the Madidi National Park. During the trip there are good opportunities to see alligators, capybaras, monkeys and other mammals that are drinking water from river or swinging on the branches of trees. In Caquihuara you will see birds that are in danger of extinction like red and blue parabas that only live in this special wall of mud that is not found elsewhere in the world. In the evening return to Rurrenabaque. Overnight at hotel


Day 7: Return To La Paz

We will leave early to airport to return to La Paz city where you will be accommodate at the hotel. Free Night


Day 8: Tiwanaku Archaeological Site

You will have breakfast at the hotel.

You will be picked up from your hotel by private transport. We will have an hour and half of travel approximately to the most important archaeological site in the country. We start the tour visiting the pre-Inca archaeological site of Tiwanacota culture (1700 BC). Among the major archaeological monuments appreciate the Puerta del Sol, Kalasasaya Temple, Temple Semi underground Akapana pyramid, Bennet Monolith and others.

Also visit the stone and ceramic museum of Tiwanaku.

After the visit we will return to the city of La Paz where a box lunch will be served, while we will appreciate the breathtaking and endless expanse of the altiplano.
Return to the city of La Paz to undertake the journey to Uyuni in a tourist bus.


Day 9: The Salar De Uyuni – Tahua

Private transportation will be waiting to begin the beautiful journey through this wonderful attraction.

This will be an unforgettable trip, full of fantastic landscapes of salt and stunning views of the white mantle of the Salar de Uyuni.

In winter (dry season from May to October) when the surface hardens, almost geometric figures are formed by the salt particles agglomerated into polygons. In summer (rainy season from November to February), the salt desert is transformed into a giant mirror that blends in the pure heaven of America.

We will enter the salar by Colchani, where are the salt factories. Visit one of these, where we receive an explanation of the family economy through the Salt, which governs the life of the people on the basis of a cooperative organization.

Then we will enter to the Salar where we will stop in Salt Mounds, where we will go to the dominant and magical figure of Thunupa Volcano, we will ascend in the car to visit the mummies Coquesa to a considerable height. From there we have the view of the Salar Monumental that opens without horizon.

We will descend to Tahua where we will have lunch at the comfortable salt Hotel Tayka.

In the afternoon Departure from the hotel by car to the town of Chillguilla, north, from where you start the climb to the Pucara by car. After that we will start an ascension walk 60-90 minutes to the impressive site of Pukara Chillima. It is an intimate corner of the Salt Lake landscape of incomparable beauty, but also a spiritual presence that emanates from the stone buildings of more than thousand years old, that make us think how the ancestral populations lived. Return to the car in a drop of about 30 minutes.

It is recommended for those who like walking, from the Pucara return to the hotel following a path that the ancients used to make ritual visits to the mystical center. It is a trek of two hours and 15 min., Thanks to the evening light and views of both the Great Salt Lake and the volcano Thunupa, becomes a unique and unrepeatable opportunity (check with your guide.)

Overnight at the salt Hotel Tayka with private bathrooms, hot water and space heating


Day 10: (Tahua – Ojo de Perdiz)

Today we cross the salt lake from north to south, as a first point of visit we have to the Incahuasi Island, the tourist center that has a path to the summit ascent which becomes an extraordinary view point of 360 degrees. We will continue to the Mala Mala Bay, leaving that piece of history and its remains, we will go to the Galaxy Cave, a sanctuary of cacti and petrified stromatolite and to the chullpas known as the ancestral cemeteries. The cave has a strange geological formation sub aquatic from the times of the Michino Lake (300 thousand years ago) and Tauca Lake (40 thousand years).

We will continue the expedition to San Pedro de Quemes where the stone hotel Tayka is located, here we can rest a moment and take our lunch.
In the afternoon we drive to the bouquet of gaps Cañapa, Stinking, Chiarkota, Honda and Ramaditas, in which large numbers of flamingos, of the three species in the area, will be seen and photographed. Other birds such as gulls and ducks accompany Andean flamingos in these lagoons flanked by snow-capped volcanoes that have a fold down green (rough straw, yareta and thola) to finish in ocher that the winds have been drawing in thousands or in the rare colors from borax and sulfur content of these strange gaps.

Leaving behind the last gap we will enter into areas of desert sand and pebble of enormous extent of the Siloli Desert, no roads, almost no direction. These deserts are great masters of the whole palette of terracotta. Reds, oranges, browns, bronze, brown and beige are happening in every corner of the road, fighting the traveler\'s attention. Facing the best expression of this palette of ochres where we have raised the Desert Hotel, with private bathrooms, hot water and space heating.


Day 11: (Ojo de Perdiz – Uyuni this is a hard day because the stretch is long)

Start early with a round in the desert with the lights of dawn. Sighting to the wild vicuna that has a proud figure, this animal can be seen in small groups. We will have our first contact with the Flora and Fauna Andina Eduardo Avaroa Reserve; there we will visit the Stone Tree, and yaretas vizcachas.

We will continue early to surprise the Sun Geysers in its most active and the first rays of light. This is the highest point of the route, about 5000 m.a.s.l. The cold is intense. Noisy fumaroles and wells where the land seems to boil red mud, gray and scarlet may be covered by us in their own edges. We will continue to the desert and salt desert Chalviri, another scene of great landscape value that combines the white of the snow, the ocher of the desert, the blue water and white of borax. In one corner we can take a dip in Termas de Polques and enjoy a delicious breakfast outdoors.

When we left the desert, another extension will open in front of us: the Valley of the Ladies of the Desert, a masterpiece of the wind and the Andean peaks with perfect detail in shapes and colors of rocks that have withstood the wind. After leaving the desert valley, we will know the Laguna Verde, at the foot of the volcano Licancabur, a pearl of the Reserve.

We will arrive to this gap to a propitious hour to see how the water go from emerald green to a duller, with the help of the wind.

Then we return to the other pearl of the Reserve, the Colorada lagoon, a major center of nesting flamingos and three species of algae and plankton which activated by solar radiation and wind are both pink lagoon, part of the plumage and its feet of these exotic birds.

When we return we will visit the town of San Cristobal that was moved from its original location by a major mining venture in the world. This place is noted due its church.

We bid farewell to the last llamas and vicuna, which accompany us throughout the journey and will continue looking for the suri or Andean rhea, which may not always be seen.

The tour ends in Uyuni approximately 18:00 Hrs, we will board the touristic bus to return to Copacabana at 7:00 Hrs.


Day 12: Free Day

You will be transferred from the bus station to the hotel by private transport to rest or take a little walk. Free Day


Day 13: Copacabana – Sun Island

Breakfast at the hotel. You will be picked up from the hotel in private bus. We will have a tour of 3 hours approximately from La Paz city to El Alto city and then we will go to the “Titikaka Lake” that is to 3810 m.a.s.l. to arrive to the “Copacabana Sanctuary”.

You will be accommodated at the hotel.

In the afternoon we will visit by boat to the famous “Sun Island”, after we will visit the Pilkokaina palace, the steps of the Inca, the gardens.

We will go up to Yumani point where you will be able to observe an incredible view of Lake of the Incas and the Cordillera Real de Los Andes.

We will return to Copacabana.


Day 14: Return To La Paz Or Connection To Puno

Breakfast at the hotel. We will visit Copacabana Town, Calvary, and the sanctuary where the famous brunette virgin is.

Return to the city of La Paz or connection to Puno

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