Occasionally you may finish our tour a little earlier you planned, you feel that you still have the courage and energy to venture on our own and explore the city of Cusco. Then you wonder what you can do in this free time. Here is a list of activities you can do, even if you have come as a family.

The first thing to keep in mind is your safety, make sure you walk carefully and not go through dangerous places. Caution comes first. He also wears warm clothing.

Imagine that your tour ends in the afternoon and you are in your hotel, then you can go for a walk in the city's downtown streets, you will notice that the city offers you other very different views, but just as beautiful, for the night. The main square offers new scenarios for your photographs.

Take advantage of the surroundings of the square to find a good restaurant and family dinner, try the Cusco’s pizza that has a unique flavor due to its preparation in a traditional oven and firewood. You can try for example the alpaca pizza as well as the vegetarian options. You can try the soup "Chuño lawa".

For those traveling alone or in couple, bars and nightclubs can be found. Ordering a “Té piteado” or a shot of pisco will make the cold of the city not a problem to continue with your adventures. The Pisco Museum is open from 11AM to 1AM during the week.

May your visit coincide with a football match of a local or national team, and as usual, will install a giant screen in the square where all will meet to shout the goals of his team, this activity you can do alone , as a couple or as a family.

Now also can your visit coincide with some festival in the city, see calendar of activities, and you can join the party with due respect. Maybe you will see fireworks, processions of saints, theater, burning of castles, autochthonous dances, gastronomic fairs, concerts among others!

Imagine that you have a free morning and now if you can know the city on your own, then you could visit the central market of San Pedro, it is near the main square. Here you can find the breads Chuta, Torta, roasted among other varieties. Whether in the central market or in a tourist restaurant you can find delicious local food such as Chicharrón a la Cusqueña, Lechón al Horno, Olluquito with Charqui, Chiri Uchu (May or June), Pepián de Cuy, kapchi de Habas, Puchero (February), huatias (June or July), Cuy Chaqtado, Corn with Cheese, Caldo de Cabeza o Gallina, some dishes can be accompanied by Llatán, kind of ají.

If you have satisfied with the food now you could go to visit the artisan markets of the city and buy souvenir and gifts for our relatives and friends, if you have not done it in other places for example in the Sacred Valley.

Or if you just want to enjoy a movie you can go to the movies or do shopping in the commercial center of the city.

After so many options that I have shown you, the most important thing is that at the end of the day you have made new friends in these places and take something more than souvenir, also the human warmth of people, whether locals or outsiders.

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