The guided tour by the city of Cusco will start between 13:45 and 14:00, where will have the opportunity to visit 6 places.

The first is the temple of Qoricancha, nowadays Convent of Santo Domingo in this place you can find one of the most important Religious centers of the period Inka.

This archaeological site is located in the heart of Cusco’s city to 4 blocks from Main Square. 

After that we are going to visit the Cathedral whose first stone was laid in 1560.

This marvel of the art has approximately 300 paintings of the School of art of Cusco.

Then, we will go outside of the city and we will visit one magnificent site called Sacsayhuaman, it is a majestic place with incredible constructions of stone, the biggest weighs approximately 120 tons.

These stones were transported by inka’s workers from remote places.

At Sacsayhuaman is celebrated 24th June of each year the famous Inti Raymi that means “celebrations of the Sun”.

Later we will go to Qenqo that is to 200mts from Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo is a religious center dedicated to the worship to the earth and according to some theories it was dedicated also to funeral rituals.

10 minutes by bus from Qenqo, we will arrive to Puca Pucara it was a site of military use and control.

In the epoch Inka was a site of obligatory stop for all the travelers.

The last destination is Tambomachay that was used as center of adoration and worship to the water.



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