Duration: 3 ½ hours approximately.

Start time:

Afternoon 14:15 hours.

Frequency: Daily.


You will be able to appreciate spectacular pieces of the Golden Museum of Peru and Guns of the World.



Golden Museum: Our visits to the Golden Museum of Peru will permit us to appreciate the dazzling collection of golden pieces from various pre-Columbian cultures, some with more than 3,000 years old. It exhibits artifacts and jewels of gold of incalculable value in gold, silver and precious stones, ornaments and articles highlighting that in its heyday Incas used sons of the Sun God and monarchs of the vast Inca Empire.

This museum also exhibits a valuable collection of ancient and modern weapons are considered one of the best of its kind worldwide. These rooms have armor, uniforms and objects from different times and places; including some dating back 1,300 years BC this collection is known as Weapons of the World Museum.


Tour De Silverware: Our visit continues visiting the Aldo & Co craft shop, where experienced master goldsmiths combine the ancient Inca heritage and the latest manufacturing techniques, creating a perfect fusion of style and distinction.

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