Duration: 04 hours approximately.

Start time:

Morning 09:15 hours.

Afternoon 14:15 hours.

Frequency: Daily.


In one excursion, you will find beautiful colonial mansions that contain the most important collections of gold, ceramics, textiles and art from South America. The great museums of the world are located in capitals, Lima is one of them.



Larco Museum, It is the only 17th century colonial residence built on an 8th century pyramid. This fabulous museum includes the exquisite collection “gold and silver of ancient Peru\" and besides the famous hall of erotic art.

Its pieces are well known for being displayed in the best museums in the world, being one of the few museums in the world, with visits to their vaults, which features more than 45,000 archaeological items classified by renowned specialists and scholars. Larco museum has the largest private collection of dazzling pre-Columbian Peruvian art in the world.


National Museum Of Archaeology, Anthropology And History Of Peru, (*) Presented in a colonial mansion, former residence of viceroys and Libertadores, is considered the quintessential museum in Peru. Here are preserved the famous stone monuments from the formative period 1000 BC The Estela Raimondi \"and\" Tello Obelisk. “It presents the most important textile collection, which shows tissue ranging from pre-ceramic period to the Inca period. It also shows an important collection of ancient Peru metals. The remarkable room Tawantinsuyo presents a summary of 100 years of the Inca Empire, illustrated with models and virtual recreations.


(*) The National Museum of Archaeological of the Peru is closed to the public all Mondays.

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