Duration: 04 hours approximately.

Start time:

Afternoon 18:30 hours.

Frequency: Daily.


You will discover the beauty of our capital, visiting its main attractions and architectural monuments that are beautifully illuminated under the enchantment and tranquility of nighttime Lima. Then enjoy a magnificent buffet dinner and a spectacular show of Peru.


Our tour, shows in detail the impressive Historical Center of Lima, that is featuring a panoramic overview of major attractions such as the Grau square, San Martín Square, The Palace of Justice, The French Palace, The Cathedral of Lima, The Archbishop\'s Palace, The Palace of Government, the Station of the Forsaken, The Convent of San Francisco, among others.

You may make an unforgettable photo session with all the serenity offered by Lima at night and against the background of these great attractions beautifully illuminated.

Our grand finale, will offer the best dinner show prepared and presented especially for you at the famous restaurant \"Junius\" In Junius restaurant, you will explore the best of Peru in one place. You will enjoy varied and exquisite cuisine, and the selection of the most important cultural events of the coast and highlands which Junius make the show of dance, music and folklore largest Lima. Additionally, you can purchase top quality local products such as Pisco, chocolates, wines, jewelry, ceramics, books and more.

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