Duration: 3 ½ hours approximately.

Start time:

Afternoon 15:45 hours.

Frequency: Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Mamacona Estate: 20 minutes from Lima, at Km 25 Panamericana Sur highway, road to Lurin, is the traditional Mamacona Estate, a place full of mystique, culture and tradition, where you\'ll enjoy a unique spectacle.



The Caballo Peruano De Paso: This is a noble animal, one of a breed; it is characterized by its elegance when walking that is similar to a dance.

We offer us to enjoy of beautiful specimens and skilful work of the horsemen, trainers and riders in a show full of grace and finesse.


The National Party: It comes with an early dinner. Peruvian food, characterized by its spicy flavors, its spicy and exotic mixtures, gives us the opportunity to delight you with the most representative and delicious dishes, offering a buffet prepared by top chefs in Peru.

Also during the dinner provides an excellent introduction to Peruvian dances, with the best selection of our folklore, including seamanship, celebrations, Huaynos and Diabaladas.
It is a set of moments and emotions that make your stay unforgettable.

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