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The Cruise to Palomino Island is an ecotourism crossing on a yacht. We depart from Callao to the west, and then head toward the south along the San Lorenzo Island. We continued sailing along the Isla El Fronton until reaching its southern end, and then turned west again entering the Ecological Zone, where we see the guano birds that are repopulating the island. We spend half a mile from the Cavinzas Island, a typical guano island, then after sailing for two miles to get to Palomino Islands.



Palomino Islands

On arrival sea lions tend to approach the ship, surrounding it at times. Those who wish can swim near them without invading the territory of these lovely animals. Those not wanting to bathe the show will enjoy the antics of the sea lions also they will have the opportunity to know and appreciate the social behavior of a large sea lion population. Palomino Island will remain a minimum of 40 minutes and will be stitching to appreciate its guano island intact ecosystem, characterized by the joint presence of sea lions and seabirds.

From Palomino Island we will continue our tour sailing by the west coast of Isla San Lorenzo to reach the Cabezo North Bay, huge hill surrounded by vertical rocks where we can find the lighthouse to the top of the island. After skirting the Cabezo comes to a small bay is also called Cabezo, very calm waters with small beaches of sand and stone which are formed by low tide during the day. This bay is the beach resort of La Punta yachts and it is common to see several of them stuck in this place. Here we anchor our yacht as close as possible to the beach for those who wish to swim near the ship or go to the beach. After spending some time here we will begin our return to Callao.



·         Crossing, Life Jacket.

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